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23 Aug 2013
By : Jani

On : 2013-08-23 13:24:22

Sharan's Victory GG member James Bond rates first half of this movie 3/5 Super comedy Superb comedy by Sadhu Maharaj non stop english speaking GG member James Bond reports that heroine is damn sexy. Movie is going at nice pace post interval. Good comedy.GG mamber JB reports Sharan has rubbed don Ravishankar in a wrong way so is wearing burkha to escape hmmGG member JB reports Forced Comedy in some places Ravishankar is trying hard to be funny GG member JB updates Audience enjoying Ravishankar's comedy.GG member James Bond updates Sharan is Vishwaroopam getup.GG member James Bond says amazing response from audience for comedy @ RajaRajeshwari theater.GG member James Bond updates full paisa vasool entertainer Crowd erupted like volcano when the song "yakka nan magalu' started. ppl dancing in front of the screen. Amzng response Victory.

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