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30 Oct 2009
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Earlier, director Udayprakash has done the film Yamalokadhalli Veerappan, which had a fantasy story line. Now his second venture Yogi is a love story and it is purely meant for Yogish alias Loose Mada fans. Yogish fans surely enjoy his different get ups like supplier, desperate lover, rowdy and Punnet Rajkumar fan. The movie would attract Appu fans too.

The movie Yogi is a simple love story with lack of newness in script. It follows the footsteps of the movies like Patre Loves Padma and Preethi Eke Bhoomi Melide. The movie deals with Yogi’s search for his childhood girlfriend Mala. Even though it has predictable storyline, director Udayaprakash, has managed to win the hearts of audiences through his narration.

Yogi is a supplier in Naidu Hotel, which is his part time work. His full time work is to search his childhood girlfriend Mala. While doing so, he unknowingly enters the underworld and wins the heart of everyone there with his bold straight-forward behavior. But he is cheated and forced to kill his own boss. What happens next should be watched by Appu fans.

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