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101 Chodyangal

(U) (2013)

Audience Review

Release Date

26 Jul 2013
By : Nagesh

On : 2013-07-26 17:19:15

A Class V student is given an assignment to frame 101 questions. The film is about the kid's journey to frame those questions and his its answers. There is also a story running parallel to it, of the kid's father, who loses his job as a factory employee . The two parallel streams converge at the end as each of the '101th question' is unfolded before us.

Must watch for Kids & Parents. Film like TD dasan, Manjadikkuru

Debutant Siddarth has done a nice job, without going the art house way told us an entertaining and thought provoking story. All the actors have done very good job, especially Minon. Just one song in the movie. Music & BG are passable, not something we look forward to in such a film. Camera work was okay, but could have avoided some cliched/ unnecessary shots. Editing is good, it doesn''t lag at any pont with a runtime of under 3 hours.
Indran Good
Lena Very good
Rachana Good (small role)
Kid's father good

Please take your kids to movies like these
Verdict: Good

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