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Ezham Suryan

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25 May 2012
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Ezham Suryan' Unni Mukundan plays Chithrabhanu, the wayward son of a renowned astrologer Vazhakode Unnikrishnan Namboodiri (Saikumar). Chithrabhanu has taken a liking to beating up people and while trying to play savior to a young girl named Gopika (Mahalekshmi) ends up raping her. The lass vows vengeance and would stop at nothing until she gets to see his blood.

It's mishmash really with astrology on one side and action at the other. The narrative progresses for a very long time along two different pathways, and they finally merge around the intermission. Much time is spent on portraying the romance between Gopika and Danny (Sreejith Ravi) and they even get to sing a song together!

Meanwhile Chithrabhanu is around, snatching women away on the day of their wedding. He roams around with a sneer on his face and is not the least bit pleased with his mother, or rather a framed photograph of hers that has been hung on the wall.

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