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06 Jan 2012
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The movie develops in a village Gopalapuram, with a lot of uneducated, dumb men. Protagonist Jayaraman (Jayasurya) who had a tough life in Gulf returned to the village where his three sisters and uncle are living with their families when he loses his job due to economic recession. He took such a decision as per the advice of his friend Preman (Suraj Venjarammoodu). Before he lands the village, Praman had informed his relatives that Jayaraman won a lottery worth Rs 50 crore while he was in Gulf. This prompted his brothers-in-laws who had treated him badly earlier to treat him and shower him with love and affection.

But there was one person who didn’t believe the story. She is Maya, an activist who leads the protest against an unethical development project that is soon to arrive in the village. She asks Jayaraman the lottery ticket and realizes the foolishness that he is in. As days go on, Jayaraman has to make promises that could never be realised. But an interval twist comes in the form of lottery mafia that makes the rest of the story. As every trick in the book is used from now on to tickle your funny bone, you sit there absolutely exasperated. Even though the story takes some twist and turn, they are may not be able to hold audience in the theatre. One can easily guess on what will be the next.

Ivar Vivahitharayal , the first movie by Saji Surendran, Krishna Poojappura and Jayasurya team was watchable. The second one Happy Husbands was a copy of No Entry. Fo(u)r Friends, shamelessly copied from The Bucket List, was a disastrous. But the team is unable to suit themselves to the changing tastes of audiences which a filmmaker could recognize after a cross look on the super hits of the last year. The duo has not moved an inch from their usual loud action comedies and insane, caricaturistic characters which one can see in 'Kunjaliyan'. The film takes 'comedy' entertainment to not so impressive lanes.

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