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Audience Review

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23 Aug 2013
By : Nagesh

On : 2013-08-23 16:27:07

An unconventional film that doesn’t have anything refreshing to offer; the latest film Olipporu, starring Fahadh Faasil is a bizarre attempt to set up a social satire in the backdrop of literature. With a cluttered script that focuses too much on intellectual sarcasm and heavy characters that are hard to relate in the plot, this film disappoints its audience big time.

The story here revolves around Ajayan, a blogger who writes with the pseudo name “Olipporoali”. Ajayan has been assigned the task of scripting a show conducted by a group of bloggers including him. On the day before the event he is met with a road accident and is in a critical condition. The film basically is a flash back journey through the upbringing of this character.


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