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Rose Guitarinaal

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01 Mar 2013
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Rose Guitarinaal, directed by Ranjan Pramod and starring Athmeeya, Manu, Richard and Rejath Menon in the lead is back with a musical love story after a long hiatus. His last film Photographer, released six years ago bombed badly at the box office and since then he was nowhere to be seen. Rose Guitarinaal has some nice dialogues, with well etched out characters. Few of the songs are good, but also too many songs are not required. Though the first half is interesting, the second half lets you down and the narrative bogs you down in the second half. Visuals by pappu is good and so is the music by Shahabaz Aman. Story Tara (Athmeeya) belongs to a middle class family and is working as a trainee at a very sophisticated airline company. Joe (Manu) is a sales executive at a bank and loves her dearly. Tara gets infatuated by Shyam (Richard), her company CEO. Shyam's friend, Binoy (Rejath Menon), hates what's happening between them. Performance While Athmeeya is convincing in her role as a confused lover, Richard is lovable. Manu's role as an angry lover who has lost his love is quite nice. Rejath too is good. Verdict Though Rose Guitarinaal has it own positives, the minuses are certainly more as the narrative is very monotonous. Director: Ranjan Pramod Cast: Athmeeya, Manu, Richard, Rejath Menon

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