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Theevram (U)

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16 Nov 2012
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Dulquar Salman starrer Theevram, directed by director Roopesh Peethambaran is one of the rare Malayalam mystery films to be released with a typical 'Hitchcockian' type of narration.

The crime thriller is no doubt interesting and keeps you gripped throughout. However, the pace drops in the second half and the story starts going in a predictable mode. Also, the directors attempt at various times to tickle your funny bone goes flat most of the time!

Music by Roby Abraham and cinematography by Hari is good and adds to the overall look and feel of the film.

One of the drawbacks of Theevram is that the main part or climax is revealed in the first half itself and the incidents that led to the crime is narrated in flashbacks, which kills the 'thrill' element in the film. The life of the married liffe of the neewly wed couples could have been covered more in detail.

A crime has taken place somewhere followed by the entry of investigation officer Alexandar (Sreenivasan), and his assistant (Vinay Fort). Alexander is one of the best cops and as expected, he resolves this case too. Then there is Harshavardhan (Dulquer Salman) who lives alone in a huge house, and teaches music to one kid. He is also a sadist killer. Po Roopesh Peethambaranst interval, we are taken to his past and the reason for a simple music teacher becoming a sadist killer is revealed.

Dulquar Salman is undoubtedly the show stealer in Theevram. He emotes very well and seems very convincing as a sadist killer. However, the scenes in which he has to romance with the lead lady (Shikha Nair) doesn't seem very convincing. Sreenivasan is brilliant as usual. Shikha is average. All other actors have given a decent performance.

Overall, Theevram is worth watching atleast once. However, it is an amateurish attempt on the part of director Roopesh Peethambaran.

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