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Critics Review

  • Actor Shaam is due for a massive hit for a long time now. In spite of proving his acting skills in a big way, he could not register a massive commercial hit to his name. This has made him to juggle between Tamil and Telugu film industries. The actor, who was last seen in Agam Puram in Tamil films, is returning to Kollywood with 6 Candles.

    To begin with Shaam stunned with the first look of 6 candles. People did not recognise him in the posters and it came as a big booster for the movie. He has joined hands with Durai, who started his career by directing Ajith Kumar in Mugavari. His last movie Nepali was an experimental movie, which won critics' appreciation but commercially it did not do well.

    Verdict: Don't be surprised if the story reminds you of Aanmai Thavarel, which was about trafficking women. 6 Candles is not a regular flick. If you had loved Thangameengal, then you would definitely love this flick.
  • The subject that the director has handled is child trafficking and the story takes Shaam, the lead protagonist to the far corners of the country starting from Chennai to Kolkata, navigating his way around the country based on the clues that he pieces together at various points.

    The research that the director has done on the topic and Shaam’s earnest hard work can’t be questioned. Dhorai’s screenplay is by and large engaging.

    Verdict: A movie with good research by the director, V.Z.Dhorai and earnest hard work by actor Shaam, which could have been tightened as a better product.
  • 6 Melugu Vathigal has been long in the making and it shows on screen. Director VZ Dhorai has made a melodramatic, slow paced film on child trafficking.

    The only silver lining is Shaam’s performance, as father struggling to come to terms between his love for his son and situations life throws up.

    Shaam has put in a lot of effort and is good as father who becomes a total wreck following his son’s kidnapping. Poonam Kaur has only to shed tears. Beyond a point film gets too dramatic and everybody is shouting or crying!

    Verdict – Tedious
  • Romantic comedy and Santhanam seem to be the flavour of the season. Considering the number of films of this genre that are flooding the market, it is quite surprising that most of them seem to be doing quite well.

    Unfortunately, Ya Yaa starring Mirchi Siva and Santhanam is definitely not one of them.

    With a cast that included Mirchi Siva, Santhanam and Powerstar, all hugely popular comedy stars with their own fan following, the audience certainly expected some huge laughs, but the film has nothing to offer their fans.

    For a film of this genre, a background score that accentuated the tension might have been ideal, but composer Srikanth Deva fails. I feel sorry for Shaam whose effort seems to have gone down the drain.
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