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    Critics Review

    • Aramm has its script penned by the director himself. He has come up with social drama that stays true and loyal to the theme that it portrays. Kudos to the writer for not meandering away from the topic.

      Gopi Nainar has packaged the product pretty well without losing the steam of the film. He gets to the business straight away and sticks to the point.

      Aramm is a must watch movie. Not often we get to see a mainstream movies like Aramm which apart from keeping you engaged serves the social purpose, as well.
    • Nayanthara scores well with her crisp dialogues and her acting is near perfect for this film that touches upon social issues.

      The movie is a tad bit preachy in parts, but this might rattle those engrossed in the main mission of the film, which happens to be an essential rescue plan.

      Verdict: A strong social script, well backed by intense performances and bold dialogues make Aramm a must watch!
    • Nayanthara has been fondly called as the Lady Superstar in recent times and not without reason. The leading lady has truly stepped into the shoes of the hero for Aramm, complete with hoardings and banners across the city.

      Aramm might be Gopi Nainar’s first film, but the director has already earned a reputation of being honest in his interviews and talks.
    • No introduction, songs or punchlines for Nayan who plays the role of Madhivadhani IAS who is the head strong district collector with a heart. Nayan is aided by a terrific supporting cast that doesn’t miss a beat.

      Aramm is one of technically brilliant film in this genre. Music director Ghibran's score complements the narrative perfectly, enthusing life and spirit into the scenes.
    • The most significant aspect of Aramm (Good Deed), written and directed by Gopi Nainar, is that Madhivadhani (Nayanthara) is defined only by her job. All we know about her is that she’s the Collector.
    • Aramm is also proud to be a star film. Madhivadhani is painted as almost a saint, the only one who empathises with the people when the entire official machinery is ready to consider the impending death of the child as a mere statistic and get on with their 'jobs'.

      In short, it asks her to step into the shoes of a mass hero, and this, she does in style.
    • Director Gopi weaves a delicate web of moments that come together as the film progresses. The young Muthu wants to be a swimmer, he can hold his breath underwater for a long time.

      Aramm is not ambitious as a story. It's an episode from the life of a District Collector, a day in rural India.
    • Aramm is a slap on the face to everyone who says India is marching towards superpower.

      The second half has its issues: a TV anchor dissects the situation even as we await with bated breath the plight of the girl. A few scenes take time to breathe and are rather preachy.

      'Aramm': All is well
    • Nayanthara shines in a relevant, hard-hitting political thriller.

      Aramm, on many levels, questions the very system we live in and the inefficiency of the government and those in power.

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