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Kaanal Neer

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12 Apr 2007
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It's a case of making a mountain out of a molehill and vice versa. Let's see what is applicable to Kaanal Neer.

Heir to an estate, Chinni Jayanth loses his parents at a young age and the responsibility of bringing him up falls on his maternal uncle Ambuli. It's a case of a baby parrot caught in the cage of an eagle.

The uncle covets the property himself, so he makes Chinni into an alcoholic. The man grows up physically but not mentally. Chinni's friends JK Rithesh and Sarathjit try to get him cured. Coming to know of it, villain Ambuli gets rid of Rithesh. Chinni actually gets cured and how he takes revenge on Ambuli and his conspirators forms the rest of the story.

At a time when stories of landlords and villains are out of fashion, it is strange that director Chinni Jayanth has revived it. He has not acted, but 'lived' the character of the psychologically disturbed person.

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