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02 Apr 2010
By : Niki

On : 2010-03-30 13:42:46

Paiyaa, which will have Karthi playing the young man (as the title suggests). And for a change, this time, we can see him in more than one costume throughout the length of the film, he has been allowed to trim his beard, maintain a neat hairstyle and avoid looking intentionally unkempt. It will definitely be a new and fresh Karthi that we get to see in theaters this Friday. We may even call it his second debut because of the vast difference this film has from the ones he has done till now.

Paiyaa looks to do just one thing - entertain. But, it certainly will not be no-brainer because the man at the helm is Lingusamy. A director, who has the range and versatility to pull off films as diverse as Anandham, Run and Sandakozhi cannot fall into a trap of senseless commercialism when attempting a

youthful and colorful entertainer. Yes, his form of late might not have been the best, but you never know when a person of his caliber starts finding his bearings again. Bheema was definitely a disappointment for all those who looked forward to the Lingusamy-Vikram combination. But, Paiyaa does seem to be capable of putting all that in the back burner.

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