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Pandigai (U)



2 hrs 42 mins

Audience Review

102 Ratings

Release Date

14 Jul 2017
Critics Reviews Audience Reviews Updated: July 27, 2017 11:38 AM IST

A unique backdrop — underground street fighting — and filmmaking chutzpah make Pandigai, a tense action film, an exciting watch. The film embraces its violent setting and doesn’t short-change us when it comes to the stunts and the blood-letting.

Director Feroz takes his time to set up the characters and the plot in the first of Pandigai, but in the second half, he quickens our pulse with some tense moments.

The first half of the film is well written and executed with the right build up of characters and events which culminate into a killer interval block which leaves us frozen to the seats in anticipation of what could come next. The underground street fight to death sequences are well set and the justified violence keeps one engrossed due to the commendable work of stunt choreographer Anbariv.

Verdict: Go for it to witness a truly different type of film, which is thrilling and keeps you engrossed for the majority of the time.

Given a chance and a solid character, Kreshna once again proves that he is an actor of substance. The actor has really worked hard to fit into the role, which shows while he preforms energetically in brilliantly choreographed stunt sequences. Kudos to stunt master duo Anbariv for their fresh, raw and believable fights. It is Kreshna’s best ever in his career.

On the technical front Arvi’s unusual camera angles and lighting and RH Vikram’s background score are the biggest pluses for the film.

The first half of the film deals with characters involved in underground boxing matches, illegal betting and fixed cricket matches. The interval block twist is stunning and in the second half, the plot develops into a heist and redemption story.

The casting is perfect, with Krishna as Velu coming out with a stunning performance. Saravanan as Muni is outstanding and it is his best film after Paruthiveeran.

Pandigai is a tale of a man, who comes from a tough upbringing, someone who dreams of living a simple, respectable life. But destiny has other plans, even that undemanding wish of his is hard to come by; he has to fight for it and by fight we mean the real one.

Pandigai could have been a trendsetter. Debut director Feroz is here to stay.

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