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Power Paandi (U)



2 hrs 40 mins

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14 Apr 2017
Critics Reviews Audience Reviews Updated: April 18, 2017 09:59 AM IST

The entire experience you get from watching a family drama often comes down to the small emotional moments. There are 4 to 5 moments in Pa Paandi, which may not be fresh to all but still would make everyone wear a smile on their face.

Rajkiran is brilliant from the word go, he has played his part so well. Have we seen him speak in English? Here he does. Pa Paandi shows Rajkiran in a completely different form that we have never seen before.

Pa Paandi is packed with some realistic dialogues and emotions that many could relate to. It has something for everyone. Fathers would like it and so would kids.

Rajkiran carries the entire film on his broad shoulder and shines in every frame emoting effortlessly be it charged up for the fight sequences or becoming a child when playing with his grandchildren.

One of the most brilliantly conceived and executed scenes by Dhanush is in the first half when Rajkiran tries to find work as a side actor and bungles it away as he is unable to deliver the small dialogue.

Verdict : Go for it to experience an emotionally rewarding film from director Dhanush and try to forgive star Dhanush for the same reason.

Dhanush makes up for this with the scenes between Pandi and Poonthendral, both in the present and the past , by handling them with such delicateness that we fall completely in love with these characters.

More than the leather jackets, the shades, the bullet and the English, it is the writing that lends suavity to Pandi’s character.

No wonder that the film soars in the portions where these two actors are seen together.

Power Paandi is simplistic filmmaking at its best. A heartwarming story about self-exploration, it’s neatly woven around the life of a 64-year-old protagonist, played fittingly by Raj Kiran, and it deals with human emotions in the most appropriate manner, if not effectively.

Dhanush, in his directorial debut, plays his cards very smartly. Instead of going big in an effort to produce a bang, he goes small with a slice-of-drama of a senior citizen.

It feels nice that for a change as viewers we cheer for an older pair and moments between them make us leave the theatre with a smile.

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