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(U) (2010)

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18 Jun 2010
By : Jayanthi

On : 2010-06-18 11:31:31

Story: The movie begins with Veera (Vikram), a dreaded don and his men fighting cops and taking away Ragini (Aishjwarya Rai). Ragini's hubby Dev (Prithviraj) is Superintendent of Police in Thirunelveli district who is already behind Veera who has over 60 cases pending against him. But he is ala Robinhood in the forest for his kind heart. Dev is joined by a DSP (John Vijay) and they enter the forest.

Meanwhile, Veera keeps shifting Ragini from one place to another with his elder brother Singam (Prabhu) and younger sibling Sakkarai (Munna) helping him. Ragini even attempts to end her life, but Veera saves her.

Angered at their act, Ragini pours angry words. When she questions as to why he has kidnapped her. An agitated Veera narrates the reason for all his acts that his sister Vennila (Priyamani) will kill by Dev and his colleague.

Ragini starts to sympathise Veera. Veera's younger brother also will kill by police. Now it is all up to an angered Veera to go hammer and tongs and teach a lesson to cops. At one point of time, Veera allows Ragini to go with her husband. But Dev makes sure Ragini meets Veera once again. What is his motive and what happened to Veera is the climax.

Analysis: 'Raavanan' will go down in the history of Tamil cinema as one of the finest and best. Cheers to Mani Ratnam for rendering a class movie that is racy and entertaining too.

Ratings: 4/5

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