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    • Sarkar's storyline, much like that in the previous films of the director, has a socially relevant topic to offer. It does enlighten the audiences about the fake voting system and also further underlines the importance of casting a vote. Interestingly, Sarkar is different from the Vijay-AR Murugadoss movies from the past, especially in the way of treatment.

      AR Murugadoss has dared to challenge and question the existing systems and has tried to enlighten the people. The intent of the film-maker needs a special applause and he has embedded this socially relevant things nicely into the movie.

      Sarkar is not just a film meant for the fans to celebrate. It has a broader angle and the movie enlightens and envisions the people as well.
    • We have seen AR Murugadoss handle stories that might seem superficial on the outset, with a larger than life hero. This is somewhat of the same kind and the scale is bigger, but the screenplay in the first half falls short, not managing to meet the demands at all points.

      The engagement factor could take a big hit in the first half but it works better in the latter half of the film. 164 minutes might seem to be a tad bit longer.

      Verdict: Sarkar is Vijay's strong political voice for a change! Screenplay could have been more engaging and crisper, specially in the first half. But Go for it, this deepavali season
    • Murugadoss has executed the film well, choosing a good script over plain old fan service. In fact, the few songs and action scenes seemingly there to pander to the ‘mass’ audience are what weigh the film down. AR Rahman’s songs are decent and Girish’s frames are stylish.

      The underlying message and a strong performance delivered by Vijay are what make Sarkar a smart, yet stretched-out watch.
    • Vijay is undoubtedly one of the finest actors and he has given his best performance in the film. His fights, dance, dialogue delivery are topnotch. The film is all about him and it would be an eye feast for his fans.

      The action sequences are the highlight. Vijay's entry scene is awesome. The first half is not so boring and just average.
    • Sarkar belongs to Vijay, but not AR Murugadoss. It’s tailor-made for ‘Thalapathy’ who speaks of farmer suicides, Jallikattu, Tuticorin protests, the fishermen’s issue, ‘marketing and branding’ and how with the support of youngsters, he can save Tamil Nadu.

      A few scenes in Sarkar reminded Ramana. Comparisons are inevitable — because of the same director. But hey, if only Sarkar was half as engaging as Ramana.
    • Vijay is dependably entertaining although Murugadoss doesn't give him much scope to perform. The actor is left alternating between looking cocky and cockier throughout the film.

      Pala Karuppiah, Radha Ravi and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar represent the corrupt political class. Radha Ravi is amusing whenever he opens his mouth while Varalaxmi wears a "strict oppiser" expression throughout.
    • It is a promising premise and a much-needed one, considering that all of us yearn for change and development, but Sarkar just scratches the surface by putting together a story based on a few recent incidents in the State.

      AR Rahman’s songs don’t help him much – except the call-for-revolution number ‘Oru Viral’, they don’t contribute much to take the story forward.
    • There is very little happening in Sarkar even till the interval. Apart from the 'massy' fight sequences which are compulsively in slow-mo, pleading the audience to hoot and whistle, not much is going on. Coming to the only thing the film seems to care about - Vijay. He is, without a doubt, suave. AR Murugadoss seems to know the alchemy of making
      Vijay look his charismatic best. Vijay's big Diwali release Sarkar serves only its hero. Watch it for Vijay. There's not much more than that in the film, says our review.
    • Vijay as Sundar has given full joy to his fanbase and the general audience with his versatile performance. If he is lightning quick with the dance moves, he is an absolute tornado in the fight sequences. Add to that the trademark Thalapathy punches and swag that sends the "Nanbas, Nanbees and Kutty kutties" into ecstasy.

      Verdict: Go for Thalapathy Vijay's One Man 'Sarkar'
    • The trouble with Sarkar is that the story-line is wafer thin: one man taking on a corrupt political system single-handedly. It is a beaten-to-death subject with hardly any twists. The writing and screenplay lacks depth and is highly illogical in many places, with too many cinematic liberties taken by the director to justify his story.

      Sarkar ultimately plays to the galleries. You can sit through the film for the star charisma of Vijay and his subtle message that Tamil Nadu politics needs a change.
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