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Thozha (U)



2 hrs 38 mins

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Release Date

25 Mar 2016
Critics Reviews Audience Reviews Updated: April 05, 2016 02:53 PM IST

Thozha revolves around the characters played by Karthi, an irresponsible man who depends on easy ways to make ends meet and Nagarjuna, a millionaire suffering from a rare condition, which confines him to a wheelchair.

Nagarjuna walks away with all the accolades. The veteran actor has pulled off one of the most difficult acts in the most gracious way possible. His Tamil accent though sounds a bit outlandish. Karthi impresses with his quirky dialogue delivery and body language. He fits into the role like a charm.

Overall View: Barring a couple of dull moments, Thozha is a treat to watch. After all, who does not like feel good comedy- dramas that celebrates life?

Three cheers to Vamsi Paidipally, who has made a big bang debut in Tamil! Thozha works and grabs us where it matters; is straight from the heart.

The film is backed by awe inspiring performance and precisely one thing going for it and that’s the chemistry between its lead actors Karthi, Tamannah, Nagajuna.

Thozha is intimately human as a drama & unexpectedly hilarious as a comedy plus it treats its sensitive subject matter with utmost care & tenderness.

The colorful visuals, jaw dropping locations and the alluring Tamannaah add bonus points to this charming ride for which we are sold out the moment, a lovely bond is established between Karthi and Nagarjuna.

Thozha is easily one of the finest performances from Karthi, he steals the show with a pich-perfect performance. His comic one liners and sparkling screen presence are a major plus.

Thozha review: Verdict : Breezy feel-good entertainer

If one actor can give his best and consequently touch the viewer with his performance using just facial expressions and dialogue delivery, then you are talking about Nagarjuna of Thozha.

Karthi plays his role of a fraudster turned good doer well by almost mastering the Chennai Tamil slang and body language. On the other hand, though Tamannaah's character has minimal scope in the tale, she makes sure not to overdo any part and understands the demand well.

Thozha is a simple story of a bed ridden middle aged man and a free spirited young man. Does the difference in their lifestyle, age, physical condition come in between the bonding they develop? Watch the film and learn that!

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