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Vil Ambu (U/A)



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12 Feb 2016
Critics Reviews Audience Reviews Updated: February 18, 2016 12:06 PM IST

Vil Ambu is about two characters, played by Sri and Harish Kalyan, who are not connected to each other but end up influencing each other's lives without even them realizing it.

The casting of Vil Ambu is its biggest strength. Lead actors like Sri, Harish Kalyan and Samskruthy Shenoy have delivered brilliant performances, making their characters look authentic.

Overall View: Though Vil Ambu looks nothing short of greatness on paper, director Ramesh Subramaniam gets carried away with his sub plots, making the film look decent than brilliant.

The story is spot on and if not for the songs that need to come in as a breather, the intention of the script is never lost. Powerful performances and above average production value deliver an acceptable tale of life changing events faced by two youngsters.

The major conflict of the film gets easily exposed and there is no room for foreplay. Sri and Harish Kalyan score big time with the contrasting characters while the girls Samkruthy Shenoy, Chandini Tamilarasan and Shrusti Dange have their share of the pie.

Verdict: A watchable movie with clearly aimed story that mildly hits the target!

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