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Doosukeltha (U/A)

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17 Oct 2013
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Overall, Doosukeltha is a hilarious comedy entertainer, which can be a perfect time-passer for the family audience. Veeru Potla has included all the masala elements to woo mass audience. If you are comedy lover, don't miss to watch Vishnu-Brahmi-Vennela rocking the screen.

‘Doosukeltha’ is a pretty routine commercial film. There is decent entertainment in the second half and family crowds will enjoy these sequences. However, a slow first half and mediocre songs bring down the overall experience a bit. The movie ends up being a one time watch.

Doosukeltha, which has a maker who's a true follower of that belief borrows the best out of every successful action comedy in the recent past and still manages to engage us sporadically.

An honest attempt to continue the legacy of Allari Naresh's trademark comedy, we need to keep a check on our expectations to enjoy Doosukeltha to the maximum.

First half went off smooth with no big strain revealing the complete story during interval block. The philosophy of Vishnu to help in return for those who helped him divulges the core matter in second half. When the plot for second half is confessed on interval block.

Veeru took to the challenge of narrating the same with maximum fun. There are nearly three to four sitcom episodes in second half where graph goes on peak. Anyways, there is ample entertainment with fun bones tickling throughout which made ‘Doosukeltha’ a time pass film for weekend.

Despite its minor flaws, this one is a big boost to Vishnu's career. He is better than what he was in Dhenikaina Ready. Lavanya doesn't come with that starry sharpness; she looks much off-colour. Kota, Rao Ramesh and other characters do their parts well.

'Doosukeltha' lives up to the expectations. Don't expect much more than time-pass fare.

First half of the film deals with action and romance episodes. Second half has entertainment and family orientation. Doosukeltha is a film that follows commercial format of entertainment movies to a T. Plus points are Vishnu and entertainment in the second half. We have to wait and see if Doosukeltha follows the success path or Dhee/DenikainaReady or not!

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