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(U/A) (2016)



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30 Sep 2016
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Hyper Review

రెగ్యులర్ తెలుగు కమర్షియల్ సినిమాకు బ్రాండ్ అంబాసిడర్ లాగ ఉంటాయి రామ్ సినిమాలు. ఆ ముద్ర నుంచి తప్పుకోవటం ఇష్టం లేనట్లు కథలను ఎంచుకుంటూ ముందుకుపోతున్న రామ్ నుంచి వచ్చిన మరో చిత్రమే హైపర్. అయితే పక్కా ఫార్మెట్ లో ఉంటూ రవితేజ సినిమాలను గుర్తు చేస్తూ హైపర్ గా సాగే ఈ సినిమా, మల్టిఫ్లెక్స్, ఎ సెంటర్లలను నిరాశపరచవచ్చేమో కానీ బి,సి సెంటర్లలకు బాగానే నచ్చేటట్లు ఉంది. రామ్ చాలా హై ఎనర్జటిక్ గా తన క్యారక్టరైజేషన్ తో, యాంటిక్స్ తో సినిమాని నిలబెట్టే ప్రయత్నం చేసాడు.

On the whole, Hyper is a typical masala entertainer which has some entertaining moments. The interesting narration, Ram and Rao Ramesh’s confrontational scenes and a breezy first half are a huge assets. The film is bound to do well among the masses and the holiday season will surely help the film. If you ignore the slight glitches and predictable storyline during the second half, Hyper makes up for a decent watch this weekend.

On the whole, “Hyper” is a wholesome entertainer with all the commercial elements, which can be watched with the entire family.

Hyper is yet another commercial film that is targeted at the B and C centers audience. It is not an easy task to write an engaging screenplay for a commercial film when every three out of five films released are made with similar template. Santosh Srinivas did well to create humor using father and son relationship.

'Hyper' is a formulaic film that follows the template of a few movies seen in recent past. The conflict point gives way to some non-serious ideas involving the media (the usual suspect). Thankfully, Ram and Rao Ramesh don't lose balance and emote appropriately (actually, they are allowed to emote appropriately).

The first half progresses casually and the second half drags a bit because the director wanted to reveal the actual story only in the latter. The characterization of heroine would remind the audience of films like Race Gurram and Julayi. Despite the logical loopholes, Hyper has everything needed for an entertainer.

For all the good work that ‘Hyper’ does to drive home its message, the story itself doesn’t quite stay with you after walking out of the cinema halls, except for its message. Maybe the purpose was just that – to give a good message in the form of an entertainer.

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