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Jenda Pai Kapiraju (U/A)

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21 Mar 2015
Critics Reviews Audience Reviews Updated: January 04, 2016 12:47 PM IST

Director Samudrakhani, who has proved his mettle with his previous films like Shambo Shiva Shambo, has chose to present a typical Shankar style story. The film reminds you of Aparichithudu a lot since its plot is quite similar.

He managed to carry a racy and interesting first half and was perfect in dealing a serious subject but he gets deviated in the second part, as he thrusts too many commercial elements.

He got carried away by the formulaic film making and failed to impress in the end. Unwanted song placements are nothing but a bumps in a road. The content lacks its impact at the last and gets too preachy to take.

Jenda Pai Kapiraju has its bits and pieces of negatives and positives and it is still a watchable film with a great content and brilliant performances.

On the whole, Janda Pai Kapiraju is a film which Nani will be extremely proud of. He impresses us in two diverse roles and gives a commendable performance. Interesting social message, interval bang are basic assets. If you manage to sit through the lengthy and unnecessary commercial episodes, you might end up liking this hard hitting film.

Just as bribe-givers have a "short-cut", our filmmakers have found out a short-cut. Durability is the first and biggest casualty.

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