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    2010-02-19 10:21:00
    Behind the movie : Daggubati Rana, the young and charismatic hero making his debut, maverick director Shekhar Kammula is handling the megaphone, ace music director Mickey J Meyer’s music already topping the charts, what else does a movie require more than this hype. In addition, postponement of the movie by nearly three times and different style of publicity has made ‘Leader’ a most discussed subject and most awaited movie in cine circles.

    What is about : Rana stars as Arjun Prasad, a Harvard student who lands in India when his father, the CM, is assassinated. His father (Suman) has one last wish, that Arjun should become the CM. However, all the political moves are played by Arjun’s uncle (Kota Srinivasa Rao) and Arjun’s relative Dhananjay (Subba Raju) also has a dream of becoming the CM. Quite soon, Arjun realizes that although his father was good at heart, he was too corrupt and had amassed over Rs.20,000 crores of illegal wealth. What does Arjun do with this money? Does he fulfill his father’s last wish? That forms the rest of this political drama.

    End Of The Show : Entire first half was good. After the start of political game between Rana and Subbaraju, movie picks up the acceleration and first half ends on a very positive note. In second half comes the real jerk as Shekhar Kammula has allotted a major time span for parallel love track which was not totally convincing. Instead, if second half was filled with same Political drama, result would have been sti
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