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Masala (U)

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14 Nov 2013
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The first half of Masala is quite entertaining with some back-to-back comedy and action scenes. The narration is quite racy, but it slows down before the interval bang. The second of the film is also enjoyable.

Overall, Masala is a decent comedy entertainer, which is a treat for Family audience. But if you have watched Bol Bachchan, you can skip Masala, as it does not offer anything new.

‘Masala’ has a few good moments. Venkatesh and Ram have tried their best to carry the film with their comedy timing. But a stale plot and outdated screenplay hamper their efforts. Any Masala gets a perfect flavour and taste only when the ingredients are blended in the right proportions. Sadly, that is not the case with this ‘Masala’.

The film works because of five actors (Venky, Ram, JP, Ali and MS Narayana) who generated the entertainment. On a whole, Masala is a paisa vasool movie for Venkatesh funny dialogues and JP’s reactions coupled with Ram’s balancing act!

Admit the fact that it is just a no-brainer with its moments of humor. Watch it with low expectations. The discerning ones may ask TFI to dismiss all (faithful and faithless) remakes; except if he has something substantial to add, a director should not touch a subject.

Venkatesh’s English and Ram’s all-round performance to make ‘Masala,’ a safe project. ‘Masala’ is an all right film but for Metros, it’s on the other side. Especially, for those who haven’t watched ‘Bol Bachchan,’ this one can be a Paisa Vasool.

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