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Nenu Nanna Abaddam (U)

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09 Sep 2011
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Director Govind Varaha has made an effort to bring out a teenage love story on-screen in the form of. Nenu Nanna Abaddam. In fact, the movie is touted that it is a real life story. However, the director’s amateurishness has played the spoilsport, as he has tried to copy the scenes from many teenage lover stories that came up on screen earlier, including Premiste and recent Prema Khaidi. The audience would get a feel of watching a dubbed Telugu film and not a straight movie. Poor screenplay, improper narration have made the film boring.

Kiran (Nandu) is the son of a cobbler and has helping nature. He and Abhi (Divya), who is a maidservant of landlord called Babul Naidu (Prakash Bharadwaj), son of a zamindar (Pilla Prasad). But he cares for and shows lots of affection. Meanwhile, Abhi and Kiran fall in love. On the other end, Kiran’s house owner’s daughter (Archana) is madly in love with him but never expresses it.

At this juncture, zamindar came to know about their affair. As a result Abhi elopes with him to get married. While escaping, the couple gets attacked by some goons and a Good Samaritan (Krishnudu) saves them and gives Rs. 10000 for their marriage. However, they both get caught by Babul Naidu and were taken back to home. Now, Abhi's birth secret is revealed. What happens next should be seen on-screen.

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