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Oh My Friend (U)

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11 Nov 2011
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Siddharth has come up with yet another youthful entertainer in the form of Oh My Friend. He has paired up with his alleged ex-girlfriend Shruti Hassan and Hansika Motwani. Let us see what his lastest film has to offer. Read on for Oh My Friend review.

The story is pretty simple. It is the friendship story between a boy and a girl. Chandu (Siddarth) and Siri (Shruti Haasan) are friends in school and they continue their friendship even after they grow up. While Siri acts like a responsible daughter, Chandu gives troubles to his parents with his acts. He dreams to become a musician. At this juncture, Chandu meets Ritu (Hansika Motwani) a college classmate. Chandu falls flat for her looks. Siri also helps Chandu in his efforts to woo Ritu. At the same time, Siri is in love with Navdeep, who is working in the US. He comes to India and gets formally engaged to Siri.

Meanwhile, Chandu gets an offer to perform at a music competition in Kerala and Siri, Ritu and Navdeep accompany him to Kerala. Here the friction starts as Navdeep and Ritu are jealous of the deep friendship between Siri and Chandu. They mistake the friendship to be love. Navdeep wants Siri to decide between him and her friend. Same is the case with Ritu. Even the parents of Siri and Chandu think that they are in love. How Siri and Chandu manage to resolve this problem forms the basis for the remaining part of the story.

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