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James Cameron

16 Aug 1954 (Age 61)


James Francis Cameron is an Academy Award-winning Canadian-American director, producer and screenwriter. He has written and directed films as disparate as Aliens and Titanic. To...
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  • richard 4 years ago

    My Dear Nieve Linda, Do you live in a tent with internet service under the rock? James Cameron is the God of movie making because he knows how to relate to the masses. He portayes the caracter for that generaton to relate too. We maye not like everything we see in the movies as in the world, like some cursing, semi nudity, smoking, violence, but many do. Thats why it is such an amazing movie. Wake up, get a life an dtake a look at the world around you. PS many of us Americans love the Canadians :)Good peaceful people that stay out of trouble.

  • brenda 6 years ago

    I've always been a fan because you are Canadian & you are very talented at making movies. What I'm not a fan of is someone like you who slams the oilsands & I'll bet you know nothing about them only what other people are telling you. I'll bet if you do proper research you will find that the Government of Alberta & the Oil Companies spend millions of dollars on environmental research but no one bothers to report that. Maybe check to see how many birds are killed each year by wind turbines. It's funny you never read that in the papers or online. How eco friendly is your home & all of the billionaires in Hollywood? I wish everyone would quit making Alberta the scapegoat for the many more polluters out there in the world.

  • linda 6 years ago

    I saw Avatar and was shocked and sickened by the language. It ruined for me what would have been a great film. There are many of us, James Cameron, who do not talk that way and do not take God's or Christ's name in vain and would like to see movies without such and without the other trashy words. I will not go to another such movie no matter how highly it is rated. I am pleading with you to take out such words in your next movies, and many more of us will go to see them. My family and friends in several states do not talk that way.

  • linda 6 years ago

    I would hope that someone out there could explain to me why Sigourney Weaver is shown smoking in Avatar. She should be ashamed. She is in an enclosed place, a space station, where they cannot go outside without some sort of gas mask,and is supposed to be can educated scientist. Isn't it time the movie industry dropped the pretext that smoking is glamorous. It isn't. I walk out of some movies that show smokers. The smoking scenes are unfortunate, because most of the movie is truly beautiful. I guess kick-backs from the tobacco industry are too lucrative to pass up.

  • eddie 6 years ago

    It seems some of the critics of Avatar,are bashing it for the military side of it. They are quick to forget the the plight of the Native Americans.It hasnt changed much in over Two Hundred years.Iam 63 and have seen alot of movies.Avatar is the best one yet. Eddie

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