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Pankh (A)

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02 Apr 2010
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A lot of bizarre experiments are being made in the name of art house/experimental cinema. Precious raw stock, precious time and precious resources are being utilised to create movies which are so weird that only its creator would know what he's actually trying to say. Pankh is one of those films, which, frankly, makes no sense.

Let's give the credit where it's due. The premise - of a young boy being cast in girl's roles in movies - is interesting, but the screenplay and direction [Sudipto Chattopadhyay] are so abstract that I was actually wondering, how could a reputed film-maker like Sanjay Gupta and celebrated actor Bipasha Basu green-light this project? Or, let me put it this way, what did they see in the script of this film?

Frankly, Pankh made no sense to me and at the end of the screening, I only felt sorry for myself since I wasted two precious hours of my life on something that wasn't worth it.

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