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R Rajkumar (U/A)

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06 Dec 2013
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The list of spoilers in R... Rajkumar is too long to even jot down. But, to sum it up all, this Prabhu Deva flick is a big disappointment. The only person whom I felt bad about is Shahid Kapoor. This actor is good looking, an outstanding performer, but somehow his talent has gone to waste in R... Rajkumar.

R... Rajkumar is not even close to average. The film is loud, dramatic and over-the-top. I'm going with a generous one and half out of five rating.

From this critic’s point of view, watching this film is like being trapped, for all of two-and-a-half excruciating hours, in a torture chamber with no escape channel in sight.

It is a dreadfully painful and numbingly grotesque drama that could put one off Bollywood action flicks for a while.

What if a same dish is served to you every day? Every alternate week Bollwood filmmakers are serving audience with the same mundane no-brainer action films, and this week’s release R…Rajkumar is another entrant to the list. It has the same action, romance, plot which you have seen 100 times before in other films.

The biggest reason why R…Rajkumar is a big disappointment is that there is no surprise element in the film. One could easily predict the entire plot of the film.

If you are big fan of no-brainer action thriller, we would suggest you to watch R…Rajkumar on TV.

After two hours of this junk you feel like leaping into the screen and do to the filmmaker what Lisbeth Salander did to her lawyer.

R… Rajkumar - The most annoying film of 2013

Prabhu Dheva, with an extra 'h' in his name, has designed a film that gives us everything that Bollywood doesn't need at this point: a setting that has no roots (where is this village, who are these people?), an atmosphere brimming with viciousness, crudity, and misogyny (the lead female part is barter between men), and a hero who stands for nothing.

I was left asking, why was R.. Rajkumar made? It is nothing but blank putrid noise. R.. for Rubbish. Zero star.

R… RAJKUMAR has everything that the hoi polloi looks for in atypical mass entertainers, the problem lies in the fact that there being an overdose of masala films, one can actually foresee what's in store next.

On the whole, R... RAJKUMAR doesn't work. It is Prabhu Dheva's weakest Hindi film to date!

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