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    • Much like Imtiaz Ali's other films, this film will also echo for a long time, in the hearts of the viewers. The story, more or less revolves around the slogan "It's our story. We can change the end" Deepika-Ranbir's chemistry is worth watching and the film is receiving positive responses from the audiences across the glob.

      The picturization of Tamasha is fantastic and showcases the best spots of Corsica. The landscapes and rivers are breathtaking and is a delight to watch on the silver screen. The chemistry between Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone is too good to watch and should not be missed.

      The first half of the movie has a wild, free and young attitude as Ranbir Kapoor entertains the audiences by his witty one-liners and dialogues, while the second half see's the actor battling with his personality. The movie is a one time watch.
    • Kapoor does a decent job of bringing out the anguish in Ved, but it’s Padukone who’s riveting. Her character isn’t fully fleshed out, but her performance as Tara is gripping. There’s a vulnerability about her that makes us root for her. We wish director Imtiaz Ali had invested more time in culling out scenes that showed them as a troubled couple working out their issues, instead of diverting his attention to showing Ved’s penchant for mythological stories or how mechanical his life in the corporate rat-race is.

      Tamasha may have its heart in the right place, but the conflict in Ved and Tara’s lives will not get your pulse racing. The lead actors and Corsica look picture-perfect, but the movie isn’t free of blemishes.
    • We are nothing but our stories.

      And, that’s what director Imtiaz Ali explores through his staggeringly stunning canvas, where his man and woman are united in love, but divided in their worlds. Yet, their story finds meaning, when they break away from their moulds and empower themselves.

      Much like his every work, ‘Tamasha’ too is anchored at the heart, but unlike the others this one has fewer pretensions. It’s possibly one where Imtiaz bravely surrenders to his craft.

      Imtiaz Ali's indulgent narrative isn’t quintessential Bollywood, and that’s not necessarily bad
    • Ranbir Kapoor is not dyslexic but has issues (and braces), just like Darsheel Safari. Deepika Padukone is not an arts teacher but plays an Aamir Khan to Mr. Kapoor. This pretty much felt like Taare Zameen Par struck by cupid.

      Curious? Confused? Trying to make up your mind whether or not you should go and watch this film, if you would like it or not. Well welcome to the confused club. I admit I can't quite decide if I liked the film or not. Having said that I can safely recommend you go watch this film because not too many filmmakers explore questions like who we really are, and that zone between dil and duniya.
    • Imtiaz Ali and Ranbir Kapoor’s second collaborative effort, Tamasha, is a bit of an enigma. It reveals less about its two protagonists than it withholds. It is tightfisted about emotional outflow. But still creates a very dramatic case history for its protagonists.

      Tamasha is a film with ambitions of being mature and experienced. It creates an alternate reality for its principal characters and lets their emotions grow naturally to a point. But then the journey gets tiring for everyone concerned.

      It doesn’t really get there. But the effort is not unbearably laboured. This is a film that doesn’t entirely succeed in its endeavour to decode the heart's enigmatic excursions. But the journey is fascinating and admirable, thought not entirely fulfilling.
    • Underneath all the brilliance, however, Imtiaz Ali's story does have its weak moments. The pace drops abruptly as the camera moves from Corsica to New Delhi. While this sure is a storytelling device that Ali uses to depict the difference between the two lives, one can't wait to get back to the breathe-free Corsican moments. The film is high on emotion.

      In all, Tamasha is vintage wine. There are inhibitions that keep you from falling head-over-heels in love with the film the first time you watch it. Once done away with the initial hesitation, Tamasha is an experience. Watch the film for, well, everything.

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