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King Liar



2 hrs 38 mins

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Release Date

02 Apr 2016
Critics Reviews Audience Reviews Updated: April 13, 2016 11:51 AM IST

Sathyanarayanan (Dileep) is a young man who makes a living with fraud activities. Sathyan falls for Anjali (Madonna Sebastian), a fashion designer and tries to woo her, by pretending that he is a rich businessman, named Naran.
But Anjali soon learns Sathyan's real identity and decides to move away from his life. Sathyan, who is hopelessly in love with Anjali, desperately tries to win her back. Meanwhile, a fashion tycoon named Anand Varma enters Sathyan's life, to make a deal with him. What happens to Sathyan and how he wins his love back, forms the rest of the plot.

Dileep is in his usual best as Sathyanarayanan and scores with the exceptional comical timing. But the same time, the actor tends to overplay at certain points, thus losing the naturality in his performance. Madonna Sebastian delivers as decent performance as Anjali. But the heavy makeup takes away the usual charm from the actress and she looks artificial onscreen.

An average comical entertainer, which cannot be compared to the previous Siddique-Lal classics. But, not a disappointing watch either.

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