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    • The praise-worthy point of the story is that he has been able to live up to audience expectations and has successfully laid the foundation for a new development in Kollywood. In the days to come, many will take inspiration from it and try to build their own franchise. Pizza: 2 Villa is crisp and an edge-of-the seat thriller. The latest movie complex and deceiving than the first instalment and it is not a sequel to Pizza.

      Don't try to compare the two movies and if you do so, you will surely be disappointed. There are surprises, chilling moments and most importantly, the flick is entertaining.
      After Pizza became successful, young software professional and short filmmaker Deepan Chakravarthy came up with the idea of making a Horror movie like Pizza. He wrote the script in three weeks and submitted it to the producer, who thought of building it up as a franchise. Thirukumaran Entertainment who produced Pizza produce the sequel too. In March 2013, Studio Green bagged the film and co-produced it.


      Pizza II : Villa is not a sequel to Pizza. The entire stroy is different from Pizza. Jebin(Ashok Selvan) is a wannabe novel writer and the film starts with the funeral of his father(Nassar) who was a wealthy business man and also an excellent painting artist. Jebin lost his entire father’s wealth in business except a Villa which at Pondichery. Jebin’s father didn't divulge the information about the Villa to his son until his death and he never want his son to know about the Villa.

      When Aarthi(Sanchita Shetty) ,Jebin’s lover who was also a painting student comes to know this news she is all happy and Jebin nods to check out the Villa. What happens next and the hidden secrets of the Villa forms the crux of the story which is left for you to see in big screen.
    • Ashok Selvan is a writer who is trying to get his work published. The film begins with Selvan’s dad Nasser’s funeral and the subsequent understanding about his financial status. There is also a villa in Pondycherry that has been bequeathed to him by his dad about which he had no clue till then. His ensuing journey to the villa sets the ball rolling for interesting events that get unfurled slowly.

      Summing it up, Villa comes across as a product that has been neatly done in all the units from narration to screen play to technical departments and engages the audience to a large extent.
    • What most Tamil filmmakers couldn't achieve, C.V. Kumar (producer of "Pizza") did in just two years. He not only envisioned an opportunity to introduce the concept of a franchise, but also used it effectively to deliver a gem like "Pizza 2: Villa", which is undoubtedly even more deceiving and complex than the original.

      A struggling writer Jebin, who is on the lookout for a publisher to back his debut novel, is going through the worst phase of his life. His father's (Nasser) untimely death has not only made him lonely, but emotionally weak.

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