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Haider (U/A)

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02 Oct 2014
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'To be or not to be' or 'Hum hain ki hum nahin?' that is the question, brilliant script by Vishal and Peer, who make the actor's job a tad easy.

A truly touching story that en-captures the saga of Hamlet in the best way possible. The climax is one of the best in Bollywood and the movie should not be missed for it has a soul that will touch you deep.

Vishal Bharadwaj brings alive the ecstasy, pain and passion of Hamlet on screen, he also reminds us of the harsh truth in our own backyard, the man-made mayhem in the God-made jannat that is Kashmir. All this done with his classic poetic touch intact.

Please watch this film. It has chutzpah (Haider’s favourite word for obvious reasons) and a lot of soul too.

Haider is neither about Hamlet nor about Kashmir, it's about... I don't exactly know what. Vishal had all the ingredients right but is terribly let down by a confused and meandering screenplay.

This film is not only a terrible missed opportunity but also an utter waste of heart wrenching performances and a beyond perfect costume and production design. I give it a dejected 2.5 stars.

Haider is not just another movie but a brilliant cinematic experience that is beyond melodrama and unrealistic fantasies and typical Bollywood cliches. If you have an appetite for tragedy and revenge dramas, this one cannot be skipped.


Haider wanders - elaborate background music frames some scenes too richly while the second half could've been tighter. But these are tiny ripples on this filmi lake. For the most, Haider is superb, witty, violent, tragic - magic.

To see or not to see is no dilemma here. Don't miss Haider - he's got chutzpah like none other.

Haider changes all that, with filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj probing into the valley nimbly and incisively -- we may, at this point, picture the director as a particularly poetic insurgent, wearing Shakespeare for a cloak.
This is not a simple adaptation, this takes not a simplistic stance; Haider is a remarkable achievement and one of the most powerful political films we've ever made, a bonafide masterpiece that throbs with intensity and purpose.
Is Haider Vishal Bhardwaj's best film? That is the question. (The answer, naturally, lies behind the fact that we can even ask.)

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