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Khiladi 786


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07 Dec 2012
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After making the fans wait for 12 long years, Akshay Kumar is finally back with a bang with his bone-breaking khiladi avatar. Directed by Ashish R Mohan, Khiladi 786 falls under the action masala genre, which has gone down really well with our mass fan-following for years now. But unfortunately, this madcap entertainer might not leave you laugh your socks off.


Khiladi 786 introduces us to the Singh family - Akshay (Bahattar Singh), his father Sattar [70] Singh (Raj Babbar), Ekhattar [71] Singh (Mukesh Rishi) and an African mother. Akki is a good-looking Punjabi munda, who dresses up like a cop and helps Punjab police catch smuggled goods. But unfortunately, no decent family wants their daughter to get married in the Singh family.

Then enters Mansukh (Himesh Reshammiya), who is a match-maker by profession, tries to arrange the marriage of Bahattar and gangster Tatya Tukaram [TT] Tendulkar's (Mithun Chakraborty) sister Indu (Asin). Unfortunately, Indu seems in no mood to get hitched with a decent boy, and plays a complete psycho in the movie. Then starts a series of lies and twists and how things slowly and gradually unfold.


Khiladi 786 is a treat to all the Akshay Kumar fans. Akki is at his best and knows his audiences' hunger. He feeds the mass with some spicy tadka shadka in his unique khiladi style. Asin looks stunning throughout the film, but unfortunately doesn't get the opportunity to do much. Supporting characters like Mithun Chakraborty, Raj Babbar, Himesh Reshammiya too were OK in their respective roles.


Unfortunately, the movie does not offer too many positives, except the music and Akshay's style statement. The music of Khiladi 786 is already topping the chartbusters with songs like 'Lonely', 'Balma', 'Hookah Bar', 'Sari Sari Raat' being the favourites. Akki looks outstanding and really sexy in the movie.


Unfortunately, Khiladi 786 doesn't even provide you a great deal of laughter as promised. Everything about this movie is too illogical and mindless to enjoy. The movie fails to make the kind of impact as expected from an Akshay Kumar movie.


Khiladi 786 has nothing to offer except some mindless giggles and laughter. For our intellectual and sensible audience, even if you have made the mistake to book tickets for this film, here's a serious caution: DO CARRY A DISPRIN and then go off to sleep quietly in the theatre.

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