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Barun Sobti is an Indian television and film actor and was brought up and raised in Keerti Nagar of Delhi, India, and received his education in Meera Bagh. He later worked as an...
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  • mahder Abayneh 12 months ago

    I am big fan of you from Ethiopia. Ethiopian fans love you.

  • Anjali 2 years ago

    I don't know why I have a feeling that the year 2016 will bring Barun Sobti lots of luck . He is already very popular and he will be shinning even more. I am sure his acting will be recognised globally. Wishing you all the best Barun Sobti. God bless.

  • suzane.grig 2 years ago

    Barun is the most talented actor I have ever seen in the whole world, not just in india.. He has the most expressive eyes ever.. His talent, charm and charisma are unbelievably awesome.. But bollywood is not fair, it gives the big offers and films for just a certain actors, and specially celebrities' sons and relatives.. In india there are over milliard but surprisingly just 10 famous bollywood actors!! They never give the right offers to the right persons.. If just they give a real chance to the great barun sobti, surely he will rock.. And by the way in ipkknd i just remember Barun's dialogues, his voice and acting are like a magic.. There is no ipkknd and no success without Barun's talent and charm, and to be honest sanaya role is ordinary and there is nothing special but ASR is a very hard and complicated character and difficult to do in that great way like Barun did..and Barun not just a good looking and beautiful man, although he is the sexiest but has all the skills to be the number one actor. However, This is my opinion and i hope you respect other opinions and respect Barun's talent and hardworking.

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