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Irrfan Khan

30 Nov 1962 (Age 54)


Sahabzade Irrfan Ali Khan also popularly known as Irrfan Khan is an Indian actor in film, television and theatre. He received recognition for his roles in The Warrior (2001),...
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  • paul peabody 2 years ago

    Just leave it to Bollywood to make an entire film around bathroom humor and somehow keeping me delightfully entertained. Amitabh Bachan is not just an icon, I think he is the current spiritual living icon for the whole country , and his performance shows that it is well deserved. Deepika Padukone is a fierce actress with perhaps the most beautiful smile in all of the wide world wide of show business ,she also has serious acting chops. But, the glue that keeps it all together for me , was Irrfan Khan, who I have seen in other movies ,however he somehow keeps this continual assault of gastric disturbances from becoming too silly and maudlin. Somehow he projects an extraordinary depth and wonderment at this daughter father relationship which is truly hilarious. A comic gem behind a wide eyed observor. He also somehow holds the humanity of the whole work in the palm of his hand , connecting each character to one another in a way that otherwise , I do not think a lesser actor could havd done. Maybe Ranbir Kapoor, but no, Irrfan has hit a home run oops 5 6s'

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