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    Critics Review

    • Divided by bodies, united by friendship could be the best words to describe the friendship of Raju Bhai (Surya) and Chandru (Vidyut Jamwal). The movie begins with Krishnan (Surya), who claims to be the brother of Raju, searching his missing brother in Mumbai.

      The first half ends with the death of Chandru. Who killed Chandru? Who is Krishnan? What happened to Raju and Jeeva's love?

      Verdict: Surya's Anjaan is painfully lengthy and it is just an average movie in the end.
    • 20 years before the action and revenge were two sides of a coin, something which the crowd enjoyed. Lingusamy’s Anjaan falls 20 years short, barring the style quotient, cinematography and music.

      In the age of variety its amusing to see the kind of henchmen clad in suits, kidnapping the heroine to a broken brickland, repetitive dialogues, monotonous threats, stereotypical villains, abrupt song placements and why Soori? Why Bramanandam?

      Verditct : A commercial entertainer might not go beyond Suriya's fan base!
    • Anjaan tries its best to be a mass masala entertainer but falls short, due to inherent weakness in the script and execution. To a large extent the film is salvaged by Suriya’s charisma and star power.

      Lingusamy has made it like a formula movie. A super hero, who never loses, speaks punch lines, romances and in a cunning twist annihilates the main villain.

      Verdict – Run of the mill
    • On the lines of Baasha Bhai and Vishwa Bhai, here comes a powerful Raju Bhai who enjoys killing and also finds time for some love. A simple story revolving around a revenge spree is what Anjaan is all about.

      The Tamil mass audiences want popcorn films. Essentially, the film has to get over before the eatable gets over. Anjaan takes its own sweet time to start and wrap. Though not much time is spent on how Raju and Chandru became a name to be feared, the Raju Bhai phenomenon is given the typical cliched hype almost till the second half.

      Verdict: Suriya and Anjaan, let down by the screenplay!
    • One more film on the lines of Badsha Bhai and Vishwa Bhai set against the backdrop of Mumbai underworld. Here in Anjaan, Suriya is Raju Bhai a dreaded dapper Don who commands equal amount of respect.

      Undoubtedly, it is Suriya’s show all the way. His versatility comes handy to differentiate between the two characters. He is a treat to watch in high energy action sequences and his awesome onscreen chemistry with cute Samantha is admirable.

      The climax line ‘Ethiriyoda Kooda Drohi Irukka Koodathu’.
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