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Baahubali (U/A)

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10 Jul 2015
Critics Reviews Audience Reviews Updated: February 06, 2017 02:46 PM IST

Though Prabhas has put in all the efforts in the world to live up to his screen name, Baahubali, his lip-sync is pretty ordinary for a highly anticipated film. One might also feel that he could've showcased a little more anger and vengeance through his eyes in scenes which scream for emotions.

Rana Daggubati shines throughout and is extremely convincing and powerful as a baddie(which you expect in a Rajamouli film). He even outperforms Prabhas several times.

The VFX stands tall from the beginning (except a few shots). The artificially generated waterfall and the entire kingdom of Mahishmati deserves a huge applause.

With so much of hype surrounding the movie, Baahubali might disappoint you in terms of its content. Having said that, visually this movie is a class apart and provides a whole new experience.

Be warned. While watching 'Baahubali', you might have to periodically pick up your jaw off the floor. Because this is not merely a movie, it is an unbelievably thrilling fantasy ride.

On the other side is a spectacular and imaginary world (aided by VFX effects) which is part snow, part green and part war-zone. No, let's not let logic meddle with fantasy in this one.

It is to the director's credit that every aspect of the film -- action, mind-boggling set design and choreography -- lives up to this epic film of gigantic scale.

Rajamouli is probably the only director from other languages who the Tamil audience can recognize and it is evidenced by the applause he receives when he is on screen in a fleeting appearance.

Prabhas the hero, both as the father Mahendra Baahubali and son Shivudu has worked extremely hard and he has the charisma to carry the two roles on his broad shoulders.

Madan Karky the dialogue writer of the Tamil version has written sharp and hard hitting lines that lift the film. Sabu Cyril, the art director is one of the heroes of this film and his work speaks in every frame of the film with the palace and waterfall set standing out.

Verdict : 'Baahubali' has touched one of the highest levels as far as visual grandeur is concerned and Rajamouli's stamp is evident only in this aspect.

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