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Son Of Sathyamurthy (U/A)

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09 Apr 2015
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On the whole, It is a perfect entertainer for this summer. Son Of Satyamurthy is rich in values and broke in commercial gimmicks. We agree that It is undoubtedly the weakest work of Trivikram till date but it is not a bad film. Nevertheless it is shall be a great fun to watch Son Of Satyamurthy along with your family. Cut down the expectations and you will definitely love the movie.

కుటుంబాలకు నచ్చేలా లేదా మెచ్చేలా తీసిన ఈ చిత్రం..వారు నుంచి వచ్చే కలెక్షన్స్ మీదే ఆధారపడి నడుస్తుంది. ఈ క్లీన్ సినిమాకు వేసవి సీజన్ అందుకు కలిసి వస్తుందనటంలో సందేహం లేదు.

On the whole, S/O Satyamurthy is a ​decent family entertainer. Allu Arjun’s rocking performance​ and a huge galaxy of stars​ are​ major assets of the film. If you ignore the routine story​​ and go in without much expectations, you can ​easily give this film a shot with your entire family​.

Son of Sathyamurthy has got good intention and good moral values. But director Trivikram didn’t succeed in giving a smooth ride for us this time due to ineffective screenplay and too many characters (subplots too). The success of the movie depends on how family crowds lap it up.

‘S/O Satyamurthy’ is not your average Allu Arjun movie that offers loads of entertainment and terrific dances. It is not a typical Trivikram entertainer either. Instead, it ends up as an average family entertainer that might just scrape through because of the summer holidays. A decent second half and an emotional climax redeem this movie and offset a shoddy first half.

It’s a Trivikram formula family entertainer go for it as weekend treat.

It's a family entertainer sans memorable heroism. The second half will work with a good many number of audience. No big-ticket movies from Tollywood in the offing, this one might make a windfall.

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