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ASMM - The biggest spoof flick in Bollywood?

By Staff
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    Tuesday, November 14, 2006
    Think about the movie series coming from Austin Powers, Hot Shots, Mr. Bean & Scary Movie and there is one common thread running amongst each of these - they are all Hollywood spoofs. This means that there are numerous moments from some popular Hollywood films that have been incorporated in a funny way in the films as mentioned above.

    In comparison Bollywood films too come with their dose of such spoofs, though they are far and few. But one watch of this week's Apna Sapna Money Money and you end up wondering if it is the BIGGEST EVER mainstream Bollywood film spoof that you may have ever seen? Though the storyline per se is not spoofy by any means, there are at least a dozen odd references to different Bollywood/Hollywood films and some real life references in this two and a half hour flick.

    The stage is set at the very onset of the film when bankrupt underworld don Carlos [Jackie Shroff], in an attempt to regain his lost glory, arranges for the smuggling of '50 crore ke heere'. The code word for that operation - 'Ding Dong O Baby Sing A Song'. A spoof indeed since that's the title song of Jackie Shroff's first superhit film - Hero. Another common factor is that both Hero and ASMM are Subhash Ghai productions.

    Riteish Deshmukh is called Kishan in the film. Fair enough. But what takes the cake is his introduction scene when the Nepali gang of Ranaji [Chunkey Pandey] is searching for him. The song that runs in the background? Sukhwinder Singh's 'Wo Kisna Hai' from the film 'Kisna'. Unfortunately the song never got its due when released but now has been revived to appear as a background piece for more than a couple of occasions whenever Riteish is on frame. Just like Hero, Kisna too was a Subhash Ghai film.

    By now everyone is aware that Rajpal Yadav, a 'tabela' owner, does an impersonation a la Amitabh Bachchan in Sarkar. With a false beard and wig to boost, he dons the same 'chola' as the Big B and adapts the same mannerisms as him. Not just this, he also rents the DVD player and a Sarkar DVD number of times to get 'inspired' from his idol and watches the same film multiple times. A true blue spoof indeed with the spice added on by the background theme of 'Tabela Tabela', an obvious reference to 'Govinda Govinda' in Ram Gopal Verma's Godfather adaptation.

    All those who have seen Robert De Niro-Ben Stiller starrer Meet The Fockers would never forget the 'Circle Of Trust' theory. In this hilarious flick, middle aged Robert De Niro takes his own time to make someone as a part of his 'circle of trust' and once you are in, it would be highly disappointing to break it away. The same theory is adopted by Don Carlos [Jackie Shroff] as he includes handpicked men and women [though all of them turning out to be utterly useless!] into his gang and presents them a designer ring as a token for an entry in his circle of trust!

    Who can ever forget the theme music of eternal hit 'Tujhe Dekha To Ye Jaana Sanam' from 10-years-and-still-running-strong-DDLJ? Even Anupam Kher doesn't forget this over the years as he 'falls in love' with Riteish Deshmukh a.k.a. Sania! The theme tune plays in the background and the half-blind Kher is all mooney eyed just with the very thought of having found his soul mate. Jai jai Chopras.....yet again!

    It's time to pay homage to the Chopras again, this time through Ria Sen. When asked to sing a song before her perspective father-in-law Sarju Maharaj Banaras Waale [Riteish Deshmukh in an impersonation avtar again], she makes full use of the situation and impromptu gets into the number 'Main Sasural Nahin Jaayungi' from the film Chandni. In order to shoo away all the 'rishtas' coming her way, she even does a cute rap version of the song to make for a funny sight indeed!

    There is an ego boosting of sorts when a mention of Subhash Ghai comes towards the middle of the film. Elated at an offer from Carlos to join the gang, Rajpal Yadav cannot help but jump with joy. On asked by 'Laughter Challenge' winner Sunil Pal to explain the reason for the same, he says that every gangster waits for that one big chance to work with Carlos just like film stars look forward to being a part of a Subhash Ghai film at least once in their career! Hmmm...interesting!

    While Celina Jaitley is called 'Sania Badnaam' by all her friends and enemies, guess how does Riteish Deshmukh's character in a drag gets this name? Simple! On being asked for his name, he simply looks around for solutions and on spotting a Sania Mirza poster pasted on a wall, he mouths 'SANIA'. That's about it! And from here life was never going to be same again for all the characters in the film as they try to get out of this double trouble of two Sanias!

    This spoof forms one of the most entertaining moments of the film. In addition to the 'guitars' and the 'sitars' that play in Anupam Kher's heart and soul whenever he meets his lady love, he also mouths the theme music from Rajesh Khanns'a superhit number from 'Aradhana' - 'Kora Kaagaz Tha Ye Mann Mera'. And he does not do it just once but a multiple number of times with body language and mannerisms to match - truly a feat which only Anupam Kher can achieve!

    In the climax, the pundit who is roped in do facilitate the 'saat pheras' of Kher-Riteish and Shreyas-Ria is quite a ferocious one. And why not? After all he comes with a strong Aamir Khan hangover as in Mangal Pandey, what with a 'dhoti', hairdo and that deadly moustache to match. This is not all! When the fight breaks out with the entire world going mad, he is the first one to proclaim - HALLA BOL!

    A poignant moment comes in Anupam Kher's life [yes, even this is presented in a hilarious manner!] when he finds out that the 'she' in his life is actually a 'he' i.e. his Sania is actually Kishan. And what better away to express his anguish than to get into the body of Dilip Kumar. He applies the same mannerisms and mouths the dialogues in the thespian's inimitable style, even when the world around him is mocking at the sad turn of events in his life!

    Though this sequence comes quite earlier in the film, we choose to reserve the best till the end! When Celina Jaitley in her semi clad avtar is traveling in the compartment of a train, she is lying down while reading FILMFARE that has Aishwarya Rai on its cover. Not to loose a moment, Riteish who incidentally enters the same compartment is quick to comment - "Kya Ash Bade Vivek Se Baithi Ho?"

    This makes it at least 12 references and we are sure that there may have been more than just these. Write in if you have some more to share.......

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