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Cash in on Anubhav Sinha

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Courtesy: IndiaFM
Monday, August 06, 2007
Anubhav Sinha is all set to release his forthcoming action flick Cash on this Friday. This multi-starrer film is one of the big movies of the year. Now, he chats with film lovers and fans. Here are some excerpts from his chat.

moses sapir : cash ki music its once of ur best till date u agree??
anubhav sinha : mose i hope it is

moses sapir : Who is yr fave actor from india
anubhav sinha : my fav actor from india is balrah sahni

Friend : Anubhav should I send soofi ke prathe :-)
anubhav sinha : who is that friend sending soofi k eparathe..... Send some half fries also

moses sapir : How it was work with ajay?
anubhav sinha : ajay is great to work with..... He is younger than me but more experienced and very focused learnt a lot from him

rahul : hey retiesh looks gret in cash
anubhav sinha : riteish looks great everywhere rahul

pokiri : have u ever been to hyderabad?
anubhav sinha : yes pokiri.... i did my sound post in hbad

saucy : i hope dia has a good role in CASH unlike in DUS?she deserves much better.
anubhav sinha : because i did not treat her right in Dus i have been cautious in cash... you will be happy

Friend : Haha Anubhav its Abid :-)
anubhav sinha : hi abid...... missing aloo parathas from soofi....is he alive?

moses sapir : In Israel we think that the music of and dus was best of2005 -u agree??
anubhav sinha : yes mose but cash will break those records

jassi : How was it working with such a young starcast, except Ajay?
anubhav sinha : jassi ...ajay i svery young too....it was great fun... pranks parties and all that

jassi : what r ur future projects?
anubhav sinha : next is chase jassi

moses sapir : Ritesh is a comedy actor. What made u cast him in an action film
anubhav sinha : riteish is very versatile

moses sapir : How it fell to be a guru in zee tvs sa re ga m a pa?
anubhav sinha : i was not a guru.... cant be... was just a guest

moses sapir : y r u not takin abhishek to act in cash?
anubhav sinha : abhishek is busy...

sana : what do u say about sanju baba
anubhav sinha : i love sanju....

kls : will u only make action films?
anubhav sinha : no kls.....

R'sss : r u sacred bcoz ur movie is releasing wid anil kapoor production???????????
anubhav sinha : no.... why should i be scared... i am very confident of my film

moses sapir : Chandra Barots don ya farhans don?
anubhav sinha : any day chandra barot's

aftabag : what are ur forthcoming movies? ny plans with aftab shivdasani?
anubhav sinha : nothing with aftab... but he is a personal friend an d i would someday love to..

Chaos : are vishal-shekhar gonna compose music for ur next movies too?
anubhav sinha : yes it is going to be vishal and shekhar for a long time to come

moses sapir : Ur best film till date is??
anubhav sinha : by bets film till date is CASH

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