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    Manoj Nights Bollywood dream project

    By Super Admin

    Has there ever been a disagreement between you and the studio over the script?
    I won't go ahead with the script if the studio doesn't like even a single page in the script. In my experience with studios there was only one bad conversation I had with a studio and I still love that studio. I am still in touch with the studio but at that time we parted our way on a good note. I would be more than open to work with them in the future. Though it was blown out of proportion. I won't make a movie if the studio is not convinced about my rationale. For that matter it was wonderful working with Warner brothers, they are the best creative people in the world. In the end, you need to find the right match, the right courtship since you make a variety of movies. My experience with studio across has been ideal and they have always let me have my will in making the movie.

    If the equation has been ideal, why change and get some other studio involved?
    No, the industry model is different. You make 20 movies and co produce all of them. If I get the third party like I chose to have Ronnie then the model gives more creative freedom to all involved and hence there can be a variety of movies.

    Is this how you get your finance in the future?
    I don't have the right to bring in my partner if I am working on a movie like Silence of the Lambs. In that case it is a book and I have to work with the ones they choose to involve.

    Have you decided on the cast for this movie?
    Well, I just had lunch with one of the actors yesterday and I guess in a couple of weeks it will be decided on the cast.

    What do you think of Indian actors?
    You mean Indian Actors or Bollywood actors.

    Bollywood Actors
    Well, I am curious about the language they use and I tend to get very emotional while watching the movies. There is pushing pushing and then they stop and then again they push push push ... (Laughs) I would love to shoot a small movie with a supernatural theme with Bollywood actors.

    Which is you favorite Bollywood movie?
    The one in which you have the guy who comes in every movie

    Amitabh Bachchan or Shahrukh Khan?
    Shahrukh Khan I guess, the scene in which he catches her hand...

    Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham?

    Kuch Kuch Hota Hai with Shahrukh Khan and Kajol
    Well I don't know the name but I shall definitely find out. The lady is very human in that movie with her expressions

    Who is your favorite actor?
    Shahrukh Khan is great and he reminds me of Mel Gibson. He has a good body and passion for acting. But I think Kajol is very poignant and is a very good actress at portraying humanity and emotions.

    What do you think about Ronnie's films like Rang de Basanti?
    Well I haven't seen them but if he sends across then I shall definitely see them.

    Why are all your movies revolving around the same theme and what is it about shooting in Philadelphia?
    (Laughs) I was at a museum and looking at different artifacts and many of them reflect the same art again and again but it seems to be very beautiful. Similarly look at Agatha Christie's books they are all the same. On an artistic front I have 8 ideas for movies but they all are very different from each other.

    Philadelphia is my home and I always try to work around in here so that I can give time to my family. I don't want to miss out on my girls' first skating lesson. You know I wanna be there with them when their tooth falls and be excited about it. And tell them hey its cool the thing has fallen.

    For me exterior London is away from family. If I write exterior London I need to be there to control and being there means away from my family. But if I write exterior Philadelphia then I can stay here and be with them. I am doing a film with Paramount where the film has been shot in different locations. It was only after my wife and my seven year old kid told me I always wanted to do a Marshal Arts movie and forced me to take it up. I have offers to do huge movies but I haven't taken any because I wanna be here with my girls and my wife.

    How have you taken failure after your last movie?
    I won't phrase it the way you did. Actually, it was an entire confluence that affected the commercial success of the film. And I love that movie so you better be careful cos I will quote every book that has failed.

    Don't judge movies from commercial success, this is an artistic venture and will be risky. On a personal note it's my job to be brave and I have been brave.

    Will you be here for the premier of the movie?
    (Laughs) Well Ronnie will definitely want me to be there and yes I shall be there.


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