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I believe in Jesus - Rakhi Sawant

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Do you regret loosing out on Big Boss?
I was going to win Big Boss. Whatever you saw was real. I received a lot of voting on third day to get an exit from the show. Some people are unhappy with my success and didn't want me to win Big Boss.

Not winning 50 lakhs has not affected me because the kind of love people have given me, especially children, leaves me with no regrets. I was recently offered a big Zee TV reality show but I didn't do that because I did not felt it was good.

In Big Boss one noticed that you are straightforward but basically a much better person ...
Let my audience know that I believe in Jesus and Ganapati. I read the Bible and Geeta in which it is written that we should always speak the truth even though problems arise. But people will love you and you will walk on the right track.

I am one of those celebrities who portray more of my negative side than my positive. First accept my negatives. I am from a middle class background hence my education is not up to the standard.

What are your memories of Big Boss... Rupali Ganguly and Kashmira Shah were mean to you....
As far as Rupali and Kashmira are concerned I don't have anything to do with them. That was a reality show. Everyone's real life was shown. Let me tell you that those who do negative roles in the films don't have to be negative in real life. Also the stars who get lot of awards and publicity don't have to be good people in real life.

Does the casting couch exist in the Hindi film Industry?
Casting couch is everywhere. It's all up to us. With me also this thing has happened but today I have become so strong because I have bashed many people but they still haven't changed. This is life and we have to always go ahead.

After Mika released a song about you, you went ahead and turned into a Supergirl....Is he any competition for you?
I have never given importance to Mika. Initially, whatever happened I have told it to the public. I think public have understood that how a friend was used in the party. Now I don't have any problem with Mika because whatever he wants to do he does it. Since I am progressing he wants to progress also with the help of my name. God bless him too. I don't want to take any revenge.

I am a simple girl. Super girl is sung by me for all my fans and is a small momento from me to my fans. The scenes which are shown in the videos are on my mind. So, I took the decision that I will not marry and conceive a child because I will adopt a child and educate him.

At 'Comedy Ka Badshah Kaun', you've had your share of fights with Raju Shrivastav and a Pakistani contestant. What exactly happened?
Actually, there was competition between India and Pakistan. When we are shooting about six jokes are been told. Finally when public sees they show only two jokes. We give marks for the 6 jokes. If someone doesn't make us laugh then honestly I don't give them marks. I am not like others that jokes are been told to me and I go on laughing. For this reason, they all got angry on me as I didn't give good marks even though I was from India.

I said wherever you are from, the show's theme is to make people laugh. If you are not able to make people laugh then you will not get more marks. He then got angry but still I cheered up, we declared a tie between them.

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