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    "Just the thought of facing the camera would make me shiver" - Mimoh Chakraborty

    By Courtesy: IndiaFM
    Mimoh Chakraborty
    Mimoh, a proud son of legendary Mithun Chakraborty, is all geared up to prove his acting prowess in his forthcoming debut film, Jimmy. Not many know that his real name is Mahakshay, but Mithun being a die-hard fan of Michael Jackson and Mohammad Ali, also named his son Mimoh, which is a combination of these two names. Apart from Jimmy, Hamilton Palace and Loot are some of his films lined up for the release this year.

    Here is an exclusive interview with Mimoh where he shares his experience about working in his debut venture, Jimmy, releasing this Friday.

    Are you nervous or excited for the release of your film?
    Honestly, I can't explain how I am feeling…it's beyond any expression. Well, if I have to put into one word, I am scared as to how people would react to my performance in the film. Expectations being a star's son tend to touch the sky and I hope to live up to them.

    Tell us what Jimmy is all about?
    Jimmy is a thriller, which revolves around the protagonist named Jimmy, played by me. Jimmy is a perfectionist and a workaholic who has no complaints from both his personal and professional life. I work as a driver during the day and DJ in the night. However, with the twists and turns in the story, nothing seems as it is supposed to. What happens next is what Jimmy is all about.

    Hmmm...workaholic! You seem to be the same way in real life too; two more films of yours are lined up for the release this year. What's the secret behind this energy?
    It's give me immense satisfaction and pleasure to be a part of the film fraternity and I love to work round the clock, I feel I have become addicted to it now. As a beginner, I would like to experiment and give my hundred percent if I have to prove myself. Acting has become a passion now and trust me, I can't think beyond that. I am not doing films out of compulsion, I love my work and enjoy every bit of it so factors like energy, stamina eventually fall in place with the regular workouts I do. Moreover, my work makes me self-sufficient…no more asking pocket money from Dad. The feeling of independence is very satisfying and to know that your hard work is paid off well gives you the kick to work harder.

    And all your films have been thrillers…why this inclination towards this particular genre?
    There is no special inclination towards any particular genre. I believe newcomers should not be choosy about their work. All my films be it Hamilton Palace, Loot or Jimmy, despite being thrillers will display me in three different characters. Call it a pure coincidence (smiles); I signed them because of their strong script, which coincidently happened to be thrillers.

    How has the experience of facing the camera been so far?
    Honestly, I have never been so scared in my life…you won't believe I was trembling on the very first day of my shoot. Just the thought of facing the camera would make me shiver…it was a dance sequence and I was completely petrified. But to my surprise, I did it in one take and was so thrilled. And things eventually fell in place thereafter.

    Do you a get apprehensive about the comparisons between you and your father Mithun Chakraborty, which are bound to happen? What's your take on him?
    I like to see the other side of the coin. Comparisons between my father and me, I believe is the USP of the film because audience will be keen to know how different Mithun Chakraborty's son is from him. However, can't neglect the one side as well (laughs) which gives me nightmares as to what would be the audience reaction to my film and my performance as well. And as far as my Dad is concerned, he is a legend himself…I normally fall short of words when I have to explain him. He has gone through a lot and still is going through. He keeps on pepping me up saying, "Son, prepare for the worst and hope for the best." My father means everything to me and I hope I live up to his expectations. I have learnt a lot from him…I think he is one of the very few actors who climbed the ladders of success with the originality factor and I try my level best to follow his steps. And today, my father as an actor has reached new heights and I feel proud to say that he has surpassed himself and this is biggest compliment I have ever given him.

    How was the experience working with veteran actor Shakti Kapoor?
    To tell you the truth; Shaktiji was more than nice to me. He was so encouraging on the sets. I am an introvert person and don't jell with people easily. Apart from the fear of my performance, the thought of mixing up with my co-stars was something, which was giving me nightmares. However, I was more than happy to have people like Shakti Kapoor in Jimmy and Sunil Shetty in Loot because they treated me not only like co-star but also went out of their way to take care of me and make sure that I am comfortable. Sunil is a gem of a person. Not just on the sets but he would give me fitness tips in the gym.

    How is the music of the film? Which is your favourite track?
    Jimmy has a very situational music something, which is not put forcefully to add the style and melody elements to the film. At the same time, I feel it's really good. 'Marhabba' is my favourite track in the film, which took 40 days to be completed and took about 6 hours daily.

    What is the USP of the film? Are you satisfied with the way the film has shaped up?
    USP is, as I told you earlier the audiences' curiosity to know what Mithun Chakraborty's son can do and how good or bad he is. Secondly, the story, which is the soul of the film. And, I am more than satisfied with Jimmy and hope it works well at the box-office.

    Share some memorable moments with us during the shoot of the film?
    I can't pin point any one…the entire shoot was a memorable experience. I remember I had hurt myself during the shoot of the film while doing one stunt…and everyone was so supportive that despite all the pain I managed to give my best. However, the most memorable was the day when I received my first paycheck and I bought things for my family members. That was most touching moment of my life.

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