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The Unforgettable Tour - Day 15

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The Unforgettable Tour
Show No. 5: And it would sound like a cliche if commented that Houston turned out to be yet another madness in motion over the fortnight gone by. Houston not just carried forward from San Francisco but turned out to be notches above that. And of course, Toronto, Trinidad as well as LA. With approximately 15000 strong crowds thronging the venue, it was yet another starry night where audience was the ultimate winner.

Audience was the ultimate winner? But why? Well, read on. For all the performers out there, they had an assignment cut out for them. They had to rehearse well. They had to wear the best costumes. They had to keep their energy level high. They had to do something creative while in the realms of staying within the content charted out for them. And yes, they had to occasionally be innovative as well. However, at Houston, audience proved that it could be quite some force when given an opportunity.

And this opportunity came, courtesy a technical glitch. For close to a minute, the sound completely disappeared even as the performance was happening on stage. And this performance was from none other than Amitabh Bachchan while he was singing "Rang Barse". Big B was going great guns, the dancers along with him were in great mood as well, and suddenly, in the middle of the act, the crowd stopped hearing voice from the stage. This is when they impromptu decided to join the fun instead of being a spoilsport. From here on it was crowd's turn to take it on from there, and rest, as they say, was history.

For this entire minute, the crowd continued to clap, sing together in unison, get on the seats, dances on the floors and ensured that the momentum only went up instead of dipping. Shiamak Davar's troupe which was dancing on the stage didn't get hassled as well and went on with the performance without being bothered by the technical glitch.

Looking at the way audience was reacting to the entire situation, it was difficult for Riteish, Vishal, and Shekhar to hold themselves any more. While seeing it all from the sidelines all this while, they too jumped on the stage and joined the show on the stage. Clapping hard and dancing even harder, each and every person on the evening ensured that it was one of the BEST ever of their lives.

Talking about Vishal and Shekhar, after four rocking shows behind them, it was irresistible for them not to check out how it really feels from the audience point of view when the performances are on at the stage. This is why this time around they decided to have a clearer dekko from closer to the audience than seeing it all either from backstage or sidelines. They watched Big B perform to dialogues from Agneepath (Apun Ka Aaj Maut Ke Saath Appointment Hai) and Deewar amongst many others and as it comes from the horse's mouth, there wasn't a single eye around, which was not moist. - Apart from the show, which was undoubtedly huge with a starry presence, there were quite a few behind the scenes incidents, which made a follow up to this evening together. Apparently, after the press conference a day earlier followed by a 'Meet and Greet' event, all the stars were together in the hotel elevator except Amitabh Bachchan. As they stepped out at one of the floors, Big B happened to be around who invited everyone to have dinner at his place.

The conversation which followed was quite eventful for everyone as it went from 8:30 PM in the evening till 2:00 AM in the morning. Conversation revolved around everyone narrating some special incidents from their lives which were hitherto untold. Apart from some of the real bizarre incidents told, there was one heartwarming story which surprised everyone around. This was the one where Big B threw some light around his visit to Kabul for the shooting of Khuda Gawah.

Apparently during his travel to Kabul, the city was facing troubled times. While Big B traveled in a helicopter, he was escorted by two helicopters at either ends for security reasons. As his helicopter hit the helipad, he wasn't allowed to step down. Reason? As per the Afghani tradition, a special guest isn't allowed to step down on the ground. Instead, he is carried to the destination. So there came a huge 'Pathan' who carried Big B all the way from the helicopter to his destination.

There is an emotional tale about this 'destination' as well! The moment Bachchan entered the village, he saw horde of people out there on the streets. While he was humbled by the fact that everyone came to greet him on their land, he was shocked to know the real reason behind this huge assembly of people. As goes the legend, they all had vacated their houses since they wanted to extend him the invitation of staying over at their place. As per locals, since there were no hotels worthy of his stature to accommodate him, they wanted Bachchan to pick and choose any of the houses which he deemed comfortable enough. An emotion-struck Bachchan eventually had to relent and was a guest of an Afghani family during his stay at Kabul.

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