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Brothers (U/A)

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14 Aug 2015
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Gary (Jackie Shroff) is released from jail after he served his sentence and Monty (Sidharth Malhotra) takes him home. On the other side Janni (Jacqueline Fernandez) and David (Akshay Kumar) are leading a life of their own, where their little daughter is suffering from kidney problem and David is going through some financial issues as well, at which point he gets to know that Mr. Bringanza has come to Indian to give Indian fighters a chance to participate in R To F competition.

Monty is the love child of Gary and one day when he brings him home, both David and Gary's wife Maria (Shefali Shah) accepted him with open arms. But the truth got out and both Gary and Maria end up in a heated argument resulting in Gary accidentally killing her by pushing her. David leaves while Gary goes to Jail.
The love-hate relationship, the anger, the emotions and some major MMA action forms the crux of the story.

This movie is for both family and youth! Although the youth would enjoy it a tad bit more as Akshay and Sidharth give you one of the best Bollywood action scenes ever. Brothers makes for one great weekend watch, that you just ought to see! So don't miss, book your tickets right away!

Brothers review: Akshay Kumar is hot but with Sidharth Malhotra and Jackie Shroff, the film is a hot mess

Verdict: A few more films like Brothers and Bollywood will have achieved what no amount of litigation can manage — the freedom to copy freely. Because if Gavin O'Connor, who directed and co-wrote Warrior, ever sees how his story has been brutalised, he might just go on a campaign claiming that intellectual property rights be damned, Hollywood is better off not being associated with Bollywood remakes.

On the whole, Brothers has won the audience hearts and kudos to Karan Malhotra and Karan Johar. So folks stop reading the review and take a look at the rating and just rush to the theaters to watch this masterpiece.

Karan Malhotra’s Brothers is not Warrior. It’s an ode to formula-driven content. Having said that, Brothers still offers you some fantastic fight sequences and a matured Akshay Kumar. You can also consider it a new film rather than a Warrior remake and be happy about it.

On the whole, BROTHERS is a huge letdown on the account of its slow pace and lack of emotional connect. At the box office, the movie will enjoy huge footfalls over the weekend due to Independence Day Holiday and lack of credible opposition at the cinema halls. The real struggle for the film however will start from Monday onwards, which would turn out to be the deciding factor of the fate of the film.

Director Karan Malhotra shows similar approach to this debut film. He loves old school drama and keeps it very much slow. How much today's audience accepts this is the million dollar question.

BROTHERS Is Emotional Old Fashioned Yet Entertaining Family Drama. Watch it for old school dramatic entertainment.

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