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Sikandar (U/A)

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21 Aug 2009
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There have been path-breaking films on the plight of children. Children affected by poverty/conflict. Films like The Children of Heaven, turtles can fly and city of god have left an indelible impression on millions of minds. These films, says director Piyush Jha, have also been his inspiration.

Jha's Sikandar looks at the conflict in Kashmir, without taking sides. That's because the focus is on a kid who becomes a pawn in a dangerous game played by politicians and terrorists. One has often read in newspapers and also watched television programs that highlight the fact that kids are being used in wars waged in the name of religion. Sikandar tackles this theme as well.

Sikandar has a refreshingly different story to tell, since themes like the one here have rarely been told on the Hindi screen before. But how one wishes the screenplay would do justice to the thought. For, the film holds your attention in bits and spurts, not in totality. Also, the culmination to this story falls short of expectations. In a nutshell, Sikandar had the potential to strike a chord, but it leaves your hand midway.

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