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Aamir and Ronnie talk on <i>RDB</i> going to Oscars

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Courtesy: IndiaFM
Wednesday, September 27, 2006
This is Utv's 1st entry to the Oscars, how do you feel and what are your expectations on Rang De Basanti winning the award?
Ronnie Scewvala: Firstly this has been an outstanding year for the Indian film fraternity. Loads of movies with diverse topics have been made and graciously accepted by the audiences. The box office has also embraced these versatile movies. Being selected for the Oscars is only like climbing the 1st ladder of success. Rang De Basanti is a movie that has touched upon people's life. Its success with the audiences itself is a big achievement for us; If it wins the award it would be like an icing on the cake.

In India when Rang De Basanti was released it was shown in lots of universities and colleges. Would the same step be taken abroad?
Ronnie Scewvala: We have already held numerous shows abroad in various universities with about 7000 students and more. Students there have instantly bonded with the movie theme because in many ways the issue is universal and they feel the same disillusions. A.R Rehman has performed number of concerts across the east coast of US promoting Rang De Basanti. Not only has this but A.R. Rehman had also co-played the tracks of RDB with western musicians and created fabulous remixes.

This will be your 2nd time at the Oscars. Do you think this is an added advantage for Rang De Basanti. You are now a known figure in the foreign film category so people will be eager to know more about this movie.
Aamir: Our main aim would be promoting this movie as effectively as possible. If it being my second visit to the Oscars generates curiosity in people its ultimately good and beneficial for the movie. I would definitely use all contacts I have and advise the director and producer at all times.

What does your gut instinct tell you, will Rang De Basanti make it?
Aamir: my gut instinct tells me Rang De Basanti will make India's dream come true.

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