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Celina supports Gays

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Celina Jaitley
The Gay community has got a big supporter in former Miss India and now actress Celina Jaitley, who has decided to stand and fight for their rights. She even participated in their march held recently at the Girgaum Chowpatty, Mumbai. The actress strongly feels that the Gays have often been ridiculed and that is why she decided to march for her friends and fight for their rights.

Celina tells us, "Gays are God's own creation like you are God's own creation. It is not their choice to be a part of this uncommon community. Why shouldn't they live peacefully and freely with a person of their choice? Do you know what stress they undergo when people around them treat them with hatred? It not only shatters them but also destroys their progress. They have a heart and mind of their own. They should be given the freedom of living and moving with their kind of people."

To strengthen the power, freedom and the rights of this Queer Gay Community, Celina took up this stand. "Actually I have some good friends who are Gays. I now have known them for so long. They too are sincere and hard working lot. They are like any other homo sapiens. The instinct that attracts them to the same sex is an inborn quality. This instinct separates them from us. But if one goes into the depth of this fact you realize, this attraction is not under their control, then why disallow the gays to live with a person of their choice," adds Celina Jaitley

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