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Lindsay fires back at gay remarks

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Lindsay Lohan
There has been a lot said about Lindsay Lohan and her alleged gay relationship with best friend DJ Samantha Ronson. While there has been a lot of speculation, the 'incautious' comments by her brother Mark Ronson and dad Michael Lohan that they are happy together haven't helped either. Police chief William Bratton addresses the plea to curb the paparazzi menace by saying that her 'becoming' gay has made the paparazzi a less of a problem in addition to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton both staying away from hotspots of late.

His claims that Lindsay has officially gone lesbian were made when he spoke to the press his opposition to the proposed action against the problem of paparazzi. Lindsay shot back telling him to 'mind his own business'. Well though, Lindsay's comment didn't have her confirming anything about her alleged gay relationship, it shows that the whole issue was bugging her.

But what people would be interested to know from the horse's mouth is whether the rumour is true indeed. So here's waiting Lindsay's next outburst.

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