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Miley Cyrus is the next Madonna

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Miley Cyrus
Washington (ANI): Bret Ratner the man who has directed hits like Madonna's Beautiful Stranger says Miley Cyrus is the next big thing after Madonna. Ratner was surprised to see 15-year-old Miley being so calm and confident to shoot her first single "7 Things". "She turns it on a lot like Madonna," E! Online quoted the director, as saying.

"Where a lot of other artists are nervous or they're primping, you know, Madonna walks on and is casual; cameras are on her and then all of the sudden, wow! Same thing with Miley. She's hanging out, she's telling the jokes, she's laughing, she's signing an autograph," Brett said. The number of calls he received requesting to watch the teenager shoot astounded Brett.

"Like I said, I've shot for Madonna, Mariah Carey—some of the biggest artist in the world—and I've never had more calls," Brett said. "I had at least a thousand calls. ''Can I just come by the set and watch Miley?' and I'm like, ''But you"re 40 years old!'' " He added. The director complimented the teen star saying she is one of the most hardworking people in the business

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